Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1/100 MG Gundam Epyon EW Ver. [PART 2]

this the second part of my epyon color scheme
well i'm not too sure about the color, maybe i will change it next time
ok next i will color the whip/ tail and weapon
so, we're done today

1/100 MG Gundam Epyon EW Ver. [PART 1]

well this is the color scheme i made for my epyon body for gbwc 2014 entry

i made this from manual book that i scan 3 days ago
then fill the color with photoshop

the color scheme here was based from gundam wing pg that i saw at gundamguy
i really fallen in love with that wing color scheme

then i though "why i dont make my epyon like this?"

and then, this what i did until now haha

and btw, i still don't start cut anything from my epyon runner
just open it from the box and just read that manual book
and that is it

the concept is everything
so i still bake the concept until i get everything that i need for my "emperor epyon" (what a silly name, LOL)

1st Post + update

finally i make this blog
well, first don't ever think to follow my blog
because this blog will be filled by some randomness of my life, and you will never find any cool thing here
and second, my english suck, you will be confuse to translate one by one of my post
third, i can't write beautifully like other blogger and i have no skill to customize this blog with special theme, so this blog will be boring as hell

and we're done, i have nothing to say
at last
thanks for reading my 1st post here

update (March 2 2014)
this blog will be filled with my modeling project, from gunpla to maquete, and some of my random design