Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1/100 MG Gundam Epyon EW Ver. [PART 1]

well this is the color scheme i made for my epyon body for gbwc 2014 entry

i made this from manual book that i scan 3 days ago
then fill the color with photoshop

the color scheme here was based from gundam wing pg that i saw at gundamguy
i really fallen in love with that wing color scheme

then i though "why i dont make my epyon like this?"

and then, this what i did until now haha

and btw, i still don't start cut anything from my epyon runner
just open it from the box and just read that manual book
and that is it

the concept is everything
so i still bake the concept until i get everything that i need for my "emperor epyon" (what a silly name, LOL)

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