Thursday, March 6, 2014

Model kit does not have the name "BANDAI" is not a GUNPLA

yes, that was clearly said by mr kawaguchi on his facebook page

I say clearly.
I do not have approved of a friend who has been posting pirated model kit on FB.
Model kit does not have the name "BANDAI" is not a GUNPLA.
Sorry some people are uploading without knowing's pirated, but I will be the same correspondence.

-Katsumi Kawaguchi
Source: openthetoy
haha, btw I just passing by on facebook and suddenly think about kawaguchi sensei and search his name, add him as friend, and scroll all over his page while waiting for his friend acceptance :p, well since I can't read alien language so I just scroll all the way down till I read that, one of the few of his English post :p

well some of comment there just defending himself about buying bootleg, well no one of us can stop any like of them, well if the bootleg consumer still buying the bootleg thing, so the bootleg thing will always reproduce to satisfy the bootleg consumer desire :(, and still no one can stop this

well, meanwhile here, i don't have any bootleg in my backlog until now (of course, I just have 3 EPYON here :p), and from now on I think I will never ever think about buying any bootleg product, maybe for this hobby I will try to save my money only to get the licensed, non illegal product, yes, that produced by the one and only BANDAI.

I Support BANDAI

ok time to get sleep :)

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